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What next for the Scorpions?

Mar 26, 2013, 10:59 AM

With match three of the World Cup qualifiers already played last weekend, which saw the Scorpions just stagnant at the bottom of the table with a single point, it is but time people realised that all is over for The Gambia.

After numerous attempts to qualify for the World Cup and African Cup of Nations, the Scorpions’ story still remains the same. They are yet to make a mark at the international level. 

The current statistics is that Ivory Coast  are topping Group C, followed by Tanzania on six points, Morocco 2 points with The Gambia sitting on one, even though The Gambia and group mates have three more matches to play.

Despite having two home matches against the Elephants of Ivory Coast and Tanzania in June and September respectively and a match away to Morocco also in June, The Gambia’s position makes it difficult for the Scorpions to proceed.

Coach Mancini is very right when he said: “We are not good at this position because the boys played well but did not win; so the position is not good to qualify.”

We need to do away with the concept of congratulating players even for not winning.

This should not be so; the target is to win and the way forward is to see how best we can get the best out of the players. 

The Scorpions have now a tradition of playing good first half games and fall prey to their opponents when they come to the second half.

Please let’s work on our second half game strategies as professional players, as we should be able to play full time and emerge successful in our matches.

The same falling short of full-time endurance and winning form was exemplified during The Gambia’s home game against Morocco and in Tanzania, after taking the lead.

Football is moving forward across the globe, so let’s join the wagon.

Winning the African U-17 championship title and the U-20 bronze medal is nothing but encouraging.

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