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What is your favourite colour?

Jul 8, 2010, 2:17 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Colours have a demonstrable psychological effect. So our automatic reaction to colours is so strong. The sight of red means warning and white means simplicity and respective of title. Military uniforms are intentionally coloured to give statement and impose authority. Colours are used in many ways to assert recognition because they are fairly easy to read and understand.

Here are some of the meanings of some colours.

Black: black means severe, mysterious, sophisticated, depressing and deadly. When you wear black for one or two of these reasons, then you are wearing it for all the right reasons.

Blue: blue means serene, serene as the sea, calming, cool, and quiet. Blue also means sleepy, sad and most interestingly, a man's perfect colour.

Brown: brown is warmth, earthy like the earth, and collected.

Gray: gray talks volumes about being well-informed, subtle and dignified, a litte bit of gloominess and cold.

Green: green means fresh, success, youthfulness, love, greed, restful and calm.

Orange: orange talks about happiness, cheerfulness, new, motivation, and warmth.

Pink: pink exudes softness, innocence, delicacy, feminism and deliciousness.

Red: red speaks about being alert, being at the helm of affairs, warning, sexual, aggressive, energetic, cheerful, angry, vital and excitement.

Violet: violet means royalty, rich, stately, alone, passionate, subtle and attractive, and impressive.

Yellow: yellow is sunny, bright, hopeful, optimistic, youthful, clear, positive and alive.

White represents clean, pure, young, safe and simple.

After knowing so much about colours you can be able to choose which color suits your mood for the day or what you feel like will suit you for the day.

This summer, think clear, contrast and bold colors.

Once you know your personal colour, practice by understanding their meanings and what they represent.

They can give a set of guidelines for flattering effects on your clothes.

For example, consider pink when buying for a baby because pink represents softness, innocence and delicacy, and wear yellow when you feel optimistic, when the place is sunny or when you are hopeful.