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What Is The Problem?

Oct 6, 2009, 5:55 AM

We are worried and completely dismayed over the state of rising murder cases happening in this beautiful country of ours. Barely a month or even week passes by without a media report about someone being murdered.

Fresh in our minds are the alleged killing of a Turkish national and that of the Tobacco Road murder case. And now, the reported murder of yet a tenant, Gibril Njie, by his landlord, Lamin Ceesay, over a little amount of D100.00 rent arrears that was still outstanding to him.

Leak reaching us has it that Lamin Ceesay quarreled with his tenant, Gibril Njie on Sunday over D100. The source further explained that the late Gibril was renting in Lamin Ceesay's compound at a fee of D500.00, but that Gibril failed to settle D100.00, out of the said D500.00. The late Gibril asked for time which did not go down well with Ceesay.

Comparing D100.00 to a human life, the alleged murderer has denied the children of Gibril a father, his wife a husband. This is not acceptable and we henceforth call for a national conference in trying to address this menace. Enough is enough.


"Other sins only speak; murder shrieks out."

John Webster