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What is Expected of A Woman During Ramadan

Aug 28, 2009, 6:16 AM | Article By: Bakary Samateh and Isatou Dumbuya

We always hear the adage that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. In a sense this is true, because we can almost know what kind of person someone is or what is the underlying meaning of the words he or she speaks simply by looking at the eyes. The eyes are prominent features of the face and are used a lot in communicating through non-verbal language. Given that a person's face is the feature that arrests attention whenever other people look at our face; there is nothing more attractive than lovely tantalizing eyes.

The she she she being the platform where women are empowered and taught their rights and obligations has deemed it fit to also educate its readers about make-up during the Ramadan. Like I said last week, Ramadan is the period when a person avoids all pleasurable things, not only food, but one's way of dressing so as to come near his/her maker.

The woman or the female is generally attractive and it won't do her any good when she makes-up her face when fasting and distracts her male counter-parts who are also very much seeking the pleasure of their lord. We can avoid wearing very colorful, seductive and tight clothes. We can at least wear very loose clothes, which leave everything to the imagination. And since high heels accentuate the curves of a woman, we can avoid them and wear low heels, which do not make lots of sounds. The high heel is believed to flatter the woman's dress, makes the legs even finer and also the derriere. We should try our level best to avoid wearing them.

Coming down to the eye, for those eye shadow -addicted, just keep it simple during the Ramadan. Blend it well, let it flow smoothly and harmoniously from one shade to the other upon your lids, and remember, not that very colorful which attracts. Leave your brow alone, simplicity goes a long way. Highlight carefully to close a will-end up with beady looking eyes. The purpose is to set the eyes off.

To top it all, the woman must be decent, God-fearing, and humble and reduce her voice when in public. It is believed that people are judged by their mode of dressing and women are definitely no exemption. We must try to fast with faith and practice all the good things enjoined on us and avoid what is forbidden. For those of us not wearing the veil, let us try to during the Ramadan just to practice a good and rewarding Ramadan.

It is very disgraceful when a fellow woman enters the mosque without the right clothes to pray with and breaks mosque rules by chattering away about worldly affairs. The mosque is for prayers and must be respected at all times because it is the house of Allah. It is only women who are notorious for such behaviors. Let us all try to avoid distractful things and behaviors during the Ramadan.

May Allah guide and make our Ramadan a very rewarding one.