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What do you think about disabled people, since they are part of our community?

Jan 14, 2011, 2:36 PM

Organization for Social Development and Inclusion for Visually Impaired (OSDIVI) is a newly established non profitable NGO in 2011 with a view to promote and empower and work for the welfare for persons with disabilities in The Gambia.

We are calling for support and collaboration from all well wishers, Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, the private sectors, and individuals either in cash or kind in other to enable us embark on our activities. When programs are organized here, we see lots of people spending many thousands and tend to forgot the minority people in our societies.

The disabled people here in the Gambia have no source of income and the only support and assistance that comes their way is benevolence and humanitarian assistance. They have to depend on the mercy of the people outside and look for help from the free world, which may not always be forthcoming. They are human beings in distress. The plight of the people who were born in this condition so many years ago life is indescribable, it would be a disaster if no step is taking to confront these situation.

Organization for Social Development and Inclusion for Visually Impaired (OSDIVI) decided to take and initiate a project in empowering and training skills and giving small scale micro finance support for persons with disabilities to setup small enterprise, income generating activity so as to reduce poverty and unemployment.

OSDIVI is a not for profit organization that has just been established. It seeks to alleviate poverty and provide equal opportunities for disabled persons in communities.

Our Vision is see a country in which people with disabled persons are empowered and fully integrated in the mainstream development of the society.

Our Mission is to empower by providing small scale training and micro-finance credits.

Why is OSDIVI suitable to lead this project?

My name is Yankuba Faalsonko. I am blind and the founder of OSDIVI.  I am a rehabilitational developer by profession. I have undergone extensive social entrepreneurship course at the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs in India and Uganda, where I have acquired entrepreneurial skills such as project planning, project management, computer networking, fund raising, leadership and public speaking skills etc.

I lost my sight when I was 19  and had to go through a lot of challenges to acquire education.  I have worked with Sight Savers (GOVI/CBR) project for visually impaired persons in the Gambia for the past five years. I watched helplessly on a daily basis, the challenges and difficulties visually impaired persons are going through to earn a living. It is in light of these challenges and difficulties that I am seeking a solution. The project for which OSDIVI request support will make a difference in the livelihoods of the disable/pupils in communities in the following ways:

Visually impaired/pupils will become less dependent on sighted peer and they will move independently to identify their needs in the community.

They can also take deliberate efforts to improve themselves and their competences so that they can effectively mobilize and coordinate other visually impaired persons to progress.

Disabled pupils will have a greater chance of creating their own enterprises.

There will be a reduction in begging at the end of the project because they will have a source of income generating activities to earn a living.

Visually impaired persons will be economically independent to contribute their own quota to nation building and break the barrier of stereotype and discrimination.

The project is an on going programme starting from January 2011.

Funds are required to launch this much needed micro-finance loans as well as get other equipments including computers, office rental, internet, telephone, fax and to finance four additional staff members to oversee the project and assist me in the work.

Organization for Social Development and Inclusion for Visually Impaired (OSDIVI) is an organization committed to excellence, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results.

I ask you to work with me to capitalize on my experiences as a blind person and of working with fellow blind persons as a rehabilitational worker and a social entrepreneur.

SUGGESTIONS - Supporting people with disabilities is a great concern for every individual and organization. I would particularly wish to stress that disabled people are like any one else and will be most grateful if we give them extra intervention. We are ready to learn from your suggestions. 

Please if anyone want to contribute any supports for the welfare for this venerable people, do not hesitate to contact me on 7861194.



Yankuba Faalsonko.

Executive Director.