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Welcome new Cabinet Ministers

Feb 2, 2017, 10:59 AM

The Barrow government has appointed and sworn in new ministers of his cabinet, ranging from foreign to interior ministers, with more ministerial positions to be named soon.

Drawn from mainly different backgrounds and political parties, the new appointees are expected to serve the nation well.

While some people are critical of the recent appointments, citing all manner of issues such as appointing only party members and stalwarts, others are of the opinion that what matters is delivering the goods and performing to expectations.

“So long as they work in the interest of the country and serve the nation well, they are the right people,” they say.

It is actually important that the new appointees, who have been entrusted with the mantle to serve the nation, do so to the best of their ability and to the expectations of the masses of our people.

The country is one of the least developed nations of the world with inadequate infrastructural development, poverty, unemployment, lack of enough skilled labour force and heavy domestic and foreign debts.

These and many other factors are responsible for the back-way migration of especially our youth.

And if this state of condition is not addressed well, the state of poverty, hardship and despair will continue unabated.

It is also important to note that much of the problems and miserable situations, such as the diabolic back-way migration, we are faced with today in The Gambia and all of Africa are perpetuated by abject poverty and bad governance, such as misplaced and wrong economic policies, corruption and embezzlement of state resources, human rights violations, and power struggles and conflicts.

We hope and pray that our new government works hard to deliver to expectations. It is difficult to satisfy everyone at any given period or time, but infrastructural and human developments are visible indexes of good governance that speak for themselves.

It is not impossible for the current administration to work hard and progress in that direction with time.

We would, therefore, like to welcome the new Cabinet ministers and wish them all the best, as we continue to watch them and contribute our quota in varied forms to national development.

“The government’s job is good governance for everybody.”

Narendra Modi