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We Need High border Security - Gilanfarr Alkalo

May 16, 2008, 8:04 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

The Alkalo of Gilanfarr village, Bintang District, has called for tighter border security following repeated infringements on the lives of people in the area and damage to property.

Speaking in an interview with The Point at his residence in Gilanfarr, the Alkalo, Kawsu Badgie, highlighted the troubles they have been facing. He said the rebels launch attacks at night which result in the destruction of properties and even a loss of life in some cases.

The 78 year-old continued saying in the last few months there was a bomb attack in the bush near the side of the village which resulted in the death of two boys and the serious wounding of three others.

Similarly a boy of 18 was shot while preparing to go to school. He said that in addition many of his cows were taken by the rebels and many people in the villages of Gilanfarr, Baifai and Siwol have similar problems.

He finally appealed to government and security forces to come to their aid as their lives are in danger. He said that the rebels have launched more attacks in the last two weeks.