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We Must Pray for a Peaceful Solution

Mar 4, 2009, 4:43 AM

We pray for calm in the ongoing crisis in Guinea-Bissau. There is no doubt in the world  that tensions are running very high in that country but all involved in the issue must stand back and calmly try and find a resolution to the current crisis. The army has stated that they are not staging a coup so this at least will bring relief to our brothers and sisters in the country.

At times like this, a nation needs the support of its neighbours and as we have seen in recent weeks, through the announcement of the Office of the President regarding Guineans living in The Gambia carrying certain forms of identification, the links between our two nations are very close indeed.

We must do all we can as a nation to aid our neighbours to get through this very tough time.

Feelings and beliefs on both sides of this conflict have been badly hurt by the events of recent times. We pray that those on both sides who have grievances will find these grievances addressed in a peaceful way so that the people of Guinea can continue to rebuild their damaged state together, unified under the flag of Guinea Bissau.

We praise ECOWAS and the African Union for coming so quickly to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Guinea. We pray that, through their intercession, a speedy resolution to this crisis can be found and that all the people of that nation can begin to live in peace and freedom away from the threat of violence or bloodshed in the name of politics.