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Waste disposal

Apr 10, 2012, 1:47 PM

We have noticed that a lot of people are in the habit of disposing waste indiscriminately.

The issue of waste disposal is becoming a challenge in the country despite serious  efforts at keeping the environment clean.

Many of our public places could be seen with litter, some very close to people’s houses.

While in many cities around the world, throwing rubbish and trash indiscriminately is seen as a taboo, people in our country see the act as tolerable.

Though we have  the Anti-littering Act, this does not seem to have made much difference.

People’s attitude must change, if we want to succeed in managing our waste.

For instance, people must stop throwing waste indiscriminately and keep their environment clean.

Even though a clean environment promotes healthy living, many people still keep littering our towns.

We must manage our waste properly to prevent harm to the environment, as well as injury to people or damage to public health.

Our society must learn that unless we take a lot of action to ensure the right way of disposing our waste, nature will do it for us, and in ways which are very damaging to our health and environment.

Our local authorities should once more consider providing trash bins in major streets to enable people throw their rubbish.

More sensitisation is needed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and local authorities on the need for people to keep our surroundings clean at all times.

We also encourage the NEA to keep enforcing the environmental legislations, and work closely with communities to keep our country clean.

It is clear that even if we light our streets, if they are dirty, the beauty would not be seen.