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WANEP- Gambia distributes medical detergents to schools

Mar 19, 2020, 1:34 PM

As the race to contain the deadly coronavirus intensifies, the West African Network for Peace Building WANEP on Tuesday distributed medical detergents to schools within the Greater Banjul.

The items, which includes, soap containers, hand sanitizers and bucks, were donated to Methodist Special School for Children with Learning Difficulties, The Gambia Organization for the Visually Impaired School,St. John’s School for the Deaf and SOS Children’s Village School in Bakoteh. The Gambia on Tuesday confirmed its first Covid 19 case, making it the 31st in Africa

Presenting the items, Madam Salam Njie, national Coordinator of WANEP-Gambia reminded the mandate of her network, which she said, is to promote and maintain peace.

“Protect yourself and families because it is only with good health that guarantees learning. It is just a small token due to our financial muscles and we will help you whenever the resources are within our reach”.

WANEP-Gambia, she added, is a peace building network with its headquarters in Ghana and that currently it has physical presentation in all the West African countries.

“Without peace there cannot be sustainable development and amid coronavirus outbreak. So we deem it wise to help our Gambian brothers and sisters in various ways to prevent themselves from the effects of the deadly disease. We believe that health ensures quality learning atmosphere for the students and teachers”.

Lucy Sarfo, head teacher of Methodist Special School for Children with Learning Difficulties, indicated that the donation manifests the concerns of WANEP-Gambia taking into consideration learning is only guaranteed in a healthy environment.

“This will help us greatly in protecting ourselves against the deadly coronavirus. This will be used as part of our health education and the significance of having a clean and healthy nation and people. Thank you for your help as it demonstrate that you have our welfare at heart”, she said.

Modou S Badgie, headmaster of GOVI School, expressed delight in receiving the donation, saying “I was pondering how to get some of these materials for our students. This has come at a time that it is definitely needed”.

Daniel Mendy, principal of St John’s School for Deaf, equally expressed gratitude to the donors for the gesture, further assuring that the items would help them a great deal in the prevention against the deadly coronavirus.

He made reference to a poplar adage- prevention is better than cure.

He thus challenged students to spread the information about the disease in their homes with a with a view to helping them protect against coronavirus.

Dr. Adelard Ngabonziza, deputy national director at SOS Children’s Village, said the donation would help them fulfill their plans and strategy developed to prevent from contracting the deadly virus.

 “We are grateful to WANEP-Gambia for the initiative, which I believes would help the country in the fight  to prevent the coronavirus”.