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US Embassy Observers Election Night at Sheraton

Nov 6, 2008, 3:41 AM | Article By: Emm Kay Tee and Niansarang Jobe

November 4 marks an historic event in the USA; the American Embassy in The Gambia for the first time celebrated a US Election 2008 with a live coverage night party called Super Tuesday at one of the leading hotels in The Gambia, Sheraton Hotel, Brufut in the Kunta Kinteh Hall.

In her welcoming address the Mistress of Ceremonies T. Bethea thanked everyone for attending.

An electronic speech from the US Ambassador Barry Wells was played and he stressed the change facing the US and apologised for not being able to attend the program.

The US Embassy's Charge d' Affairs, Mr Brian Bachman, in his remarks, spoke about the challenges America is facing and how it worried both candidates - Barrack Obama and John McCain. "The US 2008 election has restored world over the interest and belief in democracy no matter their race, gender or faith," he said.

"One thing I would like to highlight is that, due to the democratic values instilled within our society, the American people will accept the electoral decision and society will move forward with that decision, as we saw after the hotly contested election in 2000. As a society we have come so far and we are so proud of what has been accomplished. Somewhere, in a much better place, I have to think that Dr. Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony are smiling as they observe an African-American and a woman competing on the grandest stage in the world, and that they know the sacrifices they made were not in vain. We have not arrived at the Promised Land that Dr. King spoke of and that Ms Anthony fought for, but this year, in this election, we've taken some steps in the right direction," he concluded.

A mock election voting was conducted for all attendees who voted by ticking the name of the candidate they wanted and the results was later announced after the counting which Barrack Obama emerged as the winner - John McCain secured only one vote and the rest went to Obama along with a big cheer from the crowd. It seemed that everyone in the room was an Obama supporter because even before the mock voting Obama's barge was already finished.

A cocktail dinner, which included a vast array of mouth watering choices, was then set for the delighted guests.