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Unity for nation-building

Dec 11, 2009, 9:34 AM

Unity is the most important thing for any nation's development. It is only when all the people unite and do their best can a developed country be built. So let us all unite, as Gambians, for our own good, regardless of our political, ethnical or religious inclination. We are the same after all.

A develop country cannot be built by efforts of workers and government alone. It is build through the collective efforts of all citizens, especially the youths. It is undoubted that the development of any nation depends on its people, especially the youth folk. Young men have more strength in every respect.

So the workers, intellectuals, all without exception should unite more firmly; those with strength should give strength; those with knowledge give knowledge; those with technical skills give technical skills; and those with money give money to the work of building the state. All people should be mobilised for the work of nation-building.