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Oct 29, 2012, 10:28 AM

The need for people to remain united is fundamental. We in The Gambia are blessed with peace and security, thanks to the Almighty Allah.

We must endeavour to maintain and nurture this special gift of God. And one way of nurturing it is for us to remain united and work in unison for the advancement of the country.

It is important that as brothers and sisters, as well as good Muslims and Christians, we do away with implicating each other on flimsy issues that are not only genuine, but also just for the sake of creating trouble.

This in itself is against humanity, as well as the teachings of our two great religions.

Those involved in this nefarious practice must desist from such. They should also note that their days are numbered, as the saying goes “what goes around comes around”.

It’s imperative that if you know that you cannot help someone to develop to enable him or her contribute towards national development, you should not in any way undermine him or her.

Some people also undermine a number of people, simply because they are doing well; this is unfair, and they should put a stop to it.

In The Gambia, it’s crucial to note that the more we are united, the better things will work.

If you destroy someone’s progress for no genuine reason, you are not only making him suffer, but you are victimising his or her immediate family members, friends and loved ones, and more significantly deterring the good work he or she is doing.

As the name “The Smiling Coast of Africa” depicts, the people of this beautiful country should endeavour to keep that social fabric that binds us all.

We should learn or prepare to forgive each other of any wrongdoing, hence the unique nature of Gambians is tolerance and hospitality.