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UNFPA, Media Discuss Need for Family Planning

Jul 16, 2008, 9:29 AM | Article By: By Soury Camara

A series of activities were recently conducted to mark the celebration of World Population Day. Among the activities held was a press conference that gathered the local press with some officers of UNFPA and staff of The Gambia Family Planning.

The subject of the discussion was the theme of this year celebration "Family Planning Is A Right".

According to Dr Robin Mboge, the theme highlights "the basic human right for individuals and couples to decide the timing and spacing of their children and provide opportunity to raise awareness on the many benefits of family planning which include enhancing maternal health, gender equality and poverty reduction. "

Dr Nboge profusely spoke on the essence of family planning and the described the use of contraceptives as essential to women's empowerment.

In Dr Nboge introductory remarks he assertively adduced that, when a woman can plan her family she can plan the rest of her family.

In his presentation, the director of population Mr. Saihou Trawally, covered sensitive issues such as efforts to curb rural urban migration, helping to manage birth and not to control birth.

Following the presentations, journalists asked many icy questions concerning family planning and how people perceive it in The Gambia.

During the question and answer session, access to contraceptives by woman was questioned. The representative from GFPA, Ms Haddy Mboge, retorted that, there are outlet created for easy access to contraceptives. She maintained that, a clinical test is carried out first before any woman is allowed to use contraceptives. This, she argues, will avoid possible bad effects.