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UNDP Supplies Beekeepers

Apr 14, 2008, 5:09 AM | Article By: By Malafie Badjie

UNDP recently supplied a significant quantity of beekeeping equipment to the beekeepers association in their office in the Senegambia area with lots of dignitaries in attendance.

Ousman Joof, an extension worker at the National Beekeepers Association of The Gambia, said, "the new supplies will benefit the National Beekeepers Association of The Gambia (NBAG) by improving production and increasing facilities. The gift is greatly appreciated by NBAG. The responsibility for the youth groups' beekeeping activity would be taken very seriously."

Nicolas Wilson, a Peace Corps Volunteer stationed at NBAG, took the opportunity to try and recruit the youth groups as members of NBAG. He promised to fulfill the previous undertakings by UNDP including support and training in beekeeping as well as an equal share in the new materials donated by UNDP.

Lamin Tamba, UNDP Programme Director and a member of the NBAG    Board of Directors, outlined the purpose and origin of the UNDP's youth project in The Gambia. He said, "NBAG is the umbrella group of beekeeping in the country. The coordination of the youth project is now solely the responsibility of NBAG." Tamba was keen to stress that the hand-over is not the end of the association between NBAG and UNDP but the beginning of a new partnership that will support youth projects and beekeeping in the country. Tamba further extolled the benefits of beekeeping in The Gambia as a key part of the country's agricultural development that could be developed into a unique source of income for the country. He assured NBAG of UNDP's support. "The ceremony and meeting mark the combined commitment of UNDP and NBAG to agriculture in The Gambia." He said.

Modou Sowe, NEYC of Essau Group, expressed gratitude and said beekeeping had already earned his community the sum of D11, 000. He thanked UNDP for the materials.

The gift of materials included honey jars, lines, bee suits and various tools, which NBAG aims to distribute equally among youth groups in North Bank, URR, Kartong and other areas.

Ousman Joof drew the company's attention to the work of Peter Graham-Matheson, representing Mondo Challenge UK, who maintains a continuing interest in and support of NBAG.