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U-19 Cricket Team set for World Division 2 qualifiers

Jun 18, 2010, 12:32 PM

The Gambia Cricket Association will participate in the International Cricket Council (ICC) U-19 World Cricket Division 2 Qualifying round for Africa billed from the 26th to 30th July in Big Benz, Swaziland.

The round robin for the competition is 50 overs and the participating countries are Nigeria, Ghana , Swaziland , Mozambique , Rwanda and The Gambia .

Day 1: 26th July   Nigeria vs. Gambia  Ghana vs, Rwanda - Swaziland vs. Mozambique

Day 2: 27th July   Nigeria vs. Rwanda - Gambia vs. Mozambique -  Ghana vs. Swaziland

Day 3: 28th July   Nigeria vs. Mozambique  - Rwanda vs. Swaziland - Gambia vs. Ghana

Day 4: 29th July   Nigeria vs. Swaziland - Mozambique vs. Ghana  - Rwanda vs. Gambia

Day 5: 30th July Nigeria vs. Ghana - Swaziland vs. Gambia - Mozambique vs. Swaziland