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Turkish organization boosts Mansakonko Area Council

May 18, 2015, 10:22 AM | Article By: Ebrima Bah, rural correspondent

A Turkish non-governmental organisation, Sen De Gel, Thursday handed over hand-pump installed wells to the Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC).

The exercise was in fulfillment of the organization’s partnership deal to provide drinkable water to the communities in the Lower River Region.

The wells, which were further presented to the villages of Kundung Fula Kunda and Mandina in Kiang Central, constitute a section of a total number of ten wells of similar functions intended for the Lower River Region by the charitable organization in partnership with a local-based Cemiyetul Relief Oranisation with funding from the UNDP and Cocoa Cola.

Speaking at the handing-over ceremony held at Kundung Fula Kunda, the chairman of Mansakonko Area Council, Fabakary Sanneh, commended the Turkish partners and their national hosts for their swift response to the demand of the beneficiary communities.

He pointed out that each of the communities identified for the project was listed by their various ward councillors in the council’s development plan sheet.

He noted that the wells are strategically located to suit the needs of the beneficiaries, putting into consideration residential distance to water sources and village expansion situations.

The village head of Kundung Fula Kunda, Mari Jawo, who commented in appreciation of the project, said the well was a fundamental need of the new settlement along the South-Bank Highway Road leaving the main village about half a kilometer off the road.

The well would serve its purpose in the promotion of their village development, he said.

On the same day, Sen De Gel and Mansakonko Area Council handed over Solar Refrigerator Project Stations to Kiang Kiaf and Jarra Jappineh.

Borry Dampha, who represented the chief of Jarra Central, described the Jappineh solar refrigerator project as an income-generating initiative.

The project station, he said, is providing cold water at affordable cost and phone charging services for the local communities.

He assured the area council and the sponsors that the community would do its best to manage and maintain the project.

Sen De Gel project coordinator Tuncay Bozkurt said the initiation of both the solar and water projects formed the domestication process of his organizational doctrine to provide partnership and support to needy communities in The Gambia.

“It is always our pleasure to see our projects putting beautiful smiles on the faces of their beneficiaries,” he said.

The governor of Lower River region, Salieu Puye, who presided over the handing-over ceremony at Jappineh, commended the Turkish partnership with the area council, urging the partners to keep the pace of their developmental agenda further and faster.

He described their intervention as complementary to the Gambia government’s vision in national development.

Governor Puye said until such a time when electric power and water supply is adequate for the people, the intervention of non-governmental and individual orgnisations would continue to serve as engine of growth and development in the country.

He further encouraged the various communities to institute measures to manage and sustain the projects, and make good use of them.