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Respect elders

Jan 7, 2010, 2:11 PM

The idea of forming an NGO known as Ageing With Smile Initiative (ASI) is a move in the right direction.

The NGO which is about to be launched soon is aimed at improving access to basic health care services, particularly for the elderly person.

For us, this is a welcome development and a boost for the country’s aging populace.

We see this as a significant development, because some able-bodied youths find it difficult to make ends meet, let alone an aging person.

We have seen in our streets many elderly people moving from one place to another seeking assistance to eke out a living, or sometimes soliciting medical assistance, among others.

We call on all and sundry to give ASI the necessary support to enable them achieve this noble objective.

We use this opportunity to call on the public, especially the youths to be always supportive to the elderly people.

The approach ASI has planned to undertake would no doubt impact positively on the lives of the elderly people.

Our commendation goes to the initiators of the initiative, as we cannot afford to live in a world without the elderly.

While in some quarters certain elements do not have high regards for the elderly, we urge the young ones to always respect their elders and support them whenever the need arises.

Once again, we encourage you to always give care and support to the elderly in all spheres of human life. Give them the due respect as dictated by the scriptures.