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Trust Fund and Scholarship Award ceremony launched

Jan 31, 2011, 12:54 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Education For All Campaign Network, Region One Chapter, on 28 January 2011 launched a Trust Fund and Scholarship Award Ceremony for 54 students, at the Banjul City Council (BCC) Chambers.

In his welcoming remarks, Musa Mendy, regional chapter chairperson, said: "The day is historic in the annals of the Education For All Campaign Network Region One Chapter."

Mr Mendy added that the chapter initiated the fund from its quarterly sitting allowances, with an initial funding of D50,000 by the Lord Mayor of Banjul City Council.

The main objective of this is to complement government’s efforts in meeting the Millennium Development and Education For All Goals through the provision of universal primary education for all, he says.

The chapter has observed that enrolment rates are ‘drastically’ dropping within the Banjul Area with indications of over 15% drop in enrolment due to outward migration to the Greater Banjul Area, he reveals.

"It has also been observed that despite the decline in enrolment, there are hundreds of children of Lower Basic School-going age missing out school because of poverty and related issues," he said.

"It is in this regard that with the merged resources at our disposal that the chapter has asked school heads in Banjul to inform their students in school to identify those children out of school in their neighbourhoods to report to the BCC Chambers for screening and interview. Out of those interviewed, 42 children were selected for a scholarship award."

He said the scholarship package would include uniforms, school bags, stationeries and school dues. "Besides, 12 children of various schools who lost all their belongings in a fire accident will also be provided with two sets of uniforms."

Other speakers mony included Samba Faal, the Lord Mayor of BCC; Sulayman Bun Njie, who deputised for the Permanent Secretary of the MOBSE; Basiru Mbenga, who also deputised for the Regional Education Director; Modou Nyang, from Education For All; Mbye Njie, vice chairperson of EFANET; and Alagie Modou ‘Biri-Biri’ Njie.

At the end of the launching and award ceremony, Lord Mayor Samba Faal pledged D50,000 on behalf of his municipality and D5,000 on his own behalf.

Maria Dalia pledged D500, Aji Kumba Jeng pledged D1,000, Sarja Bayo, deputy Mayor of BCC, pledged D2,000; and Alagie Modou 'Biri-Biri' Njie pledged D2,000.

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