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Methodist Academy inaugurates canteen

Sep 29, 2010, 1:20 PM | Article By: Manlafie Badjie

The Gambia Methodist Academy recently inaugurated their school canteen at the dawn of the new academic year.

The inauguration of the canteen came on the heels of the school's remarkable performance this year again with the students registering excellent results in their final exams.

"Sitting inside the edifice inaugurating it without getting wet is a sign that there is a building," the Rev. Jason, a Pastor of the Methodist Church, said after offering an opening prayer in respect of the new edifice.

Pointing out the difference between a secular edifice and a school canteen, the Reverend said: "We are dedicating the school canteen in God's Hands, and keeping that in mind means putting it in His Hands for the benefit of the children."

Reflecting on the Psalms read from the Bible during the programme, the Rev. Jason said people use combined efforts to build but it is God who blesses it. "Without God it is in vain; without Him nothing can work," he said.

Alpha Khan, principal of Charles Jaw Memorial School, who is also the Chairman of the PTA for Methodist Academy, buttressed what the Rev. Jason had said: "Seeing children buying food under the tree was not pleasant. Thank God for the canteen!"

He also praised the parents and teachers of the school for training and bringing up well-mannered, bright and clever students, who keep taking place of pride in the country's academic realm.

Madam Edna Corrah, Chair lady of the Board, thanked the PTA and Chairman, describing them as "the best in The Gambia". She said they have done a lot: "We congratulate the principal. Whatever action the Board takes is for the good of the children. If you write for an increment on computer, it is because we want to equip our children. We want them to take exams in Computing, which would be equivalent to WASSCE."

Hannah Harding, the Principal of the school, praised the timeliness of the canteen, as well as Mr Alpha Khan for his positive rapport with parents that contributed to them controlling their children accordingly. 

She also thanked all those who did their best in making the school's dream came to pass. The head boy of the school, Mam Mbye Bittaye, also spoke at the inauguration, thanking their parents, the school's principal and the staff and teachers for  giving them proper training and quality education.