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Tribute to Ransford Cline Thomas“

May 4, 2020, 3:00 PM

INNA LILLAAHI wa INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON [We Belong to ALLAH and onto ALLAH We Shall Return].

I am truly Devastated, Saddened! It is, indeed, with a heavy heart that I learned and had to accept that Rainsford Cline-Thomas has passed on! I was told that he died on Tuesday 21st April due to the dreaded CORONAVIRUS disease. His wife, Aurelia is struggling to beat the CORONAVIRUS Disease.  Let’s all pray for Aurelia. May God the Almighty speed her full Recovery. Amen!

The iconic Gambian Broadcaster, with the Golden Voice, has departed! The Silver lining for his family is that they can take solace, knowing that their dear Ransford-- everyone’s Ransford Cline-Thomas--is in a Better place/State, in the Comfort of his Master. Ransford was a friend to all! There was Never a dull moment being around him, with his infectious, defining Smile, juxtaposed with his natural dimple; always cracking jokes, to make his company Relax, and feel like somebody, in a world that is now becoming uncharacteristically cruel and unkind. It is not his kind of world! Ransford is very outgoing and would do the extra to make everyone around him feel appreciated and warmly welcomed.

Ransford Imbibed the work ethic and expects nothing less from peers. He was a workaholic, and a veritable perfectionist-- always striving to be his best in whatever he does.

Patriotism, defined as selfless Love for Gambia, Our Homeland and for Gambians, was Ransford’s mantra.     

Let Truth be told! Vintage Ransford Cline-Thomas, whose Persona fits the quintessential definition of a Gambian Patriot, is fast becoming an endangered species. It’s All about Self now. Only a few care about Country and People. A country, where Elected Office and public trust  are considered a License to Milk the Taxpayers and to loot and plunder public funds/resources. This no longer looks like Ransford’s Gambia.

Ransford the Broadcast Pioneer.

We were the 3 (Alhaj Mansour Njie, Ransford and yours truly) that Anchored the Pioneering Team of Broadcast Officer Badou Lowe and his Deputy, Joseph Bahoum (May their Souls continue to rest in Perfect Peace). Radio Gambia was then operating from No. 3 Marina, just behind Cable & Wireless. Ransford was among the Pioneers of Broadcasting in the Gambia.

I was the last to join the Core Team, first sent to Radio Gambia on Secondment from the Post &Telegraph’s Department, shortly after my return from training as a Telecommunications Engineer in Belfast in 1965. It was Ransford who convinced me to change professions. Veteran Broadcaster, Joseph Gabbidon joined shortly afterward.

Ransford, my brother and dear friend. A grateful Nation and your many loyal fans are in mourning. We mourn the Passing of a Legend!  A decent human being has departed. Caring, Empathetic, Compassionate, Loving and Kind to his Neighbor--To All. That was the Ransford Cline Thomas that I knew.HeTreated the Matriarch--his mentor and friend-- with abiding love and Reverence!

We have fond memories of your Signature “Adieu”. The  Sign-off, you would deliver in a Mesmerizing & hearthrobbing Tonality---the quintessential Golden Voice that no one else in the Broadcast profession possesses but You, # Vintage “Ransford Cline- Thomas will live in our memory for ever. Up-close-and-personal, dear Ransford, Your Gentillesse and Infectious smile will be sorely missed.

We respectfully bow and Salute the Gambian Broadcast Icon as he takes the final bow here, bidding us, his final Adieu:  @#This is Ransford Cline-Thomas saying good night”. Why Ransford? Why? Till we meet Again,

Adieu, dear brother!

Your Widow, Aurelia, your loving daughter, Natasha and your many friends in the Africa Region and beyond will make sure that your Legacy lives on for ever!

May the Good Lord grant you a choice standing in Paradise!


Dr. Sidi Cherno Jammeh (Chairman Emeritus World Bank--IMF African Society, Washington DC), end of quotation.

Sharing, in the attached link, a UN documentary prepared and narrated by Ransford Cline-Thomas on the 25th Anniversary of ECA 31st May, 1983. Listen and enjoy the Narrative of the Gambia’s own Ransford Cline-Thomas. Listening to the Golden Voice of Ransford gives immense joy! Rest in peace till we meet, my dear friend.

Be and Stay Safe!  Regards. SCJ.