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Tribute to Phoday S. Sisay Former GM Gamcel

Jul 15, 2015, 9:51 AM | Article By: Written by Shering Sisay, nephew to the late Phoday Sisay

A true Gentleman has fallen

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon’

“To Allah we belong and to Him is our return”!

If death was exchangeable for anything, then Dad you will be with us. It was on the bright day light of 9 July 2015 which fell on the 22 day of Ramadan 2015, the Angel of death Malak Al Maut snatched you away from us without any sign that you would go that particular day.

You were escorted down to the heaven with dignity and respect after completing your mission at the age 63.

There is no denying that in the history of any country, successive generations must have individuals who serve as pillars of society, talk of the country, and of course some extraordinary men and women who provide inspiration to young upcoming and promising nationals of the state. Phoday Sisay belongs to this phylum of people in today’s Gambia, whose service to the nation touched all those who worked under him.

Of course, some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness trusted upon them but for this man, Mr Sisay, a shining example in today’s Gambia, he has achieved greatness.

He is a man whose vision and mission for this country makes him stands out as a key stakeholder in the socio-economic development of this country.

Answering to God’s call, he was a man of many accomplishments. Phoday even though you had the option to live, work and become a citizen of the most powerful country in the world (US), upon completion of your studies, you decided to return home to contribute your part in the development of The Gambia.

Dad even though you were offered series of international jobs, you decided to give back to your country. Bafaye, even though you were given the appointment as confidential SG, you decided to work for Gamtel accepting little incentive at the time. You rose through the ranks in Gamtel deservedly from a mere officer to Manager, Senior Manager and Director of Customer Care. With continued dedication, hard work, trust, responsibility, and competence you excelled to the position of Deputy Managing Director (DMD), a position that you held for many years with excellence.

Loyalty truly pays and you were made the CEO of Gamcel, the country’s number one cellular company and during your stint Gamtel/Gamcel regained its lost glory due to your vast experience and quality magerial skills and experience.

The history of telecommunications cannot be completed without a name - Phoday S. Sisay.

Your contribution to Islam and support to Muslims throughout the length and breadth of the country is uncountable and noticeable. The masjid you built at your compound will continue to serve Muslims in that community. On many occasions, you financed the constructions of many Mosques in and within various places in The Gambia as stated by the Imams and people who graced your funeral. Your status did not turn you away from your religion and you never compromised your five daily prayers at the right time and place.

Anyone who stays in your compound must pray regularly otherwise the person would be given the red card out of your compound. Indeed, you are an exemplary in the area of religion; you found the right balance between work and religion until you passed away. On the very date that you passed away, you were on a religious mission to Banjul to replace the microphone of the masjid as well as send money for the villagers to buy a bull and share it during the last ten days of the Holy Month and in that event, you answered the call of your creator.

Daddy you are a type of man who prefers to “show you how to fish rather giving you fish all the time.”

You created so many job opportunities for youths in this country.

In short, Alhagie Phoday S. Sisay is the true definition of a patriot, respected civil servant, good family man, and someone with high religious character.

Written by Shering Sisay, nephew to the late Phoday Sisay

Niamina Kudang