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Tribute to late Deyda Hydara by Vieux Deyda Hydara

Dec 16, 2011, 1:04 PM

Today marked the 7th anniversary of the passing away of my father, Deyda Hydara. Some people will say that we are selfish, and we repeat the same points year on year, but this year is different. 

I am going to talk to the people of the Gambia. I am not talking about the killers anymore as it’s obvious that not only are they cowards who can’t stand up for themselves or their kids if they have any, but also buffoons.

My father was killed when I was 14. I will be turning 21 on the 26th of December. So many things have changed in my life, since his death, likewise that of my whole family.

The following day, after my father died (17th December), was the most somber day. I for one didn’t see it coming; in fact, the only thing I saw coming was happiness, joy, celebration etc. The Point was turning 13 and my mum was turning 54.

There were some very interesting plans in the pipeline for The Point. I almost can say it was perfect, but was it really?

Then bang, and another, then one more from the people who can’t be found, the screw that can’t be screwed with, they have no family, no friends, no one can say ‘Yes it’s them’. It’s almost like they were ghosts, but they weren’t ghosts, they were humans, definitely very familiar with the Gambia.

Can’t say if they are or weren’t but they certainly have been around for some time. And, of course, they are known to a Gambian or two.

Please Gambians, let us look back at ourselves and correct our wrong doings, and try our hardest to be better individuals, better friends and, most importantly, be better Gambians.

I do not mean that we needed people to be there, or we lacked anything we needed, but it would have been nice to see some friendly faces that were seen during the good days, to be seen during the bad ones, as well.

But Alhamdullilah, my father was a hardworking man, and my mum was the foundation of the rock, which she was as she has shown over the past 7 years. With everything that one has gone through with her losing her husband, the fact that it occurred on her birthday makes it a billion times worse.

I have no doubt, that she will always handle issues that had risen, and am sure will continue to arise, with the calmness, the humaneness, and grace with which she has handled all the previous obstacles.

She has stood stronger and taller than any woman that I know, or any woman that I will ever know. My mum is the epitome of mothers, not that she is better than anyone’s mum, but anyone will have her as one of the best mum’s they know.

As you celebrate your 61st birthday, I take this opportunity to say happy birthday, and also promise that there will be many happy returns as you mummy will forever live in our hearts.