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Tribute of a Son to a Father (Eulogy)

Apr 1, 2015, 5:58 PM | Article By: Sandigie Njie

“Innalilahi Wa Inna Illaihi Rajioun” To Him we are from and to Him we shall return. Saihou Njie fondly called Kuna was a son of a trade’s man. He was an illustrious person with distinctive qualities but time has taken its toll, and has finally succumbed to the inevitable. A role model whose depth of knowledge and understanding was above the capacity of a fountain and yet did not surpassed the ocean. He was an erudite scholar who was very keen with his work and touched the lives of many in diverse ways. He was a prominent personality who was always quiet and adhered to the virtues of speaking when it is necessary and appropriate. You were revered by contemporaries, colleagues and friends both in The Gambia and abroad .You were definitely a gentleman par Excellence. This is another dark day! You have gone to answer the call of His (Allah) will and decree on the EVE of your 75th birthday .This was not what we spoke of during our conversation last weekend. You were an inspiration and an adviser always available to counsel by simplifying issues for me with your wisdom and wealth of experience. Your understanding of issues was far beyond my comprehension and to those who served and worked with you. You have been holding the fort and have served your nation with due deligence as an exemplary character. Being once a Teacher, rising to the ranks of Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Permanent Secretary of the various such as, Ministries of Health, Education, Defence, The Vice President, Tourism, The Person Management Office. In all these position, you were a champion with great respect and adoration from both the junior cadre and your superiors. Your latest service rendered to the nation was serving in the board of The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority …Though you have clarified to me most of what I wanted to know prior to you heeding to the call of death…..Dad I will surely miss talking to you and asking too many questions. You already left a big vacuum and turning to others will be a little complex and sensitive for me, all because I have been very comfortable with you, while gathering the professional and reliable responses from a thoughtful person as you were. I was always astonished whenever we converse and i kept asking my multiple questions while you attentively listened and responded with ease. The most touching was whenever I became dissatisfied with any responds and insisted for further explanations, you offered me clarity with a smile and the accompanying words “Mister are you now convinced and satisfied”. Dynamic and honest as you were, is rare to find in many frontiers. Many have agreed that you were one of the most seasoned and experienced civil servant who writes with eloquence and very articulated .In many corners attributes and testimonies are that you were a genius because you were well skilled and blessed with the art of writing and your level of intellect was unquestioned. My fervent prayers are with you at all times and I humbly ask Allah in His Infinite mercy to shower His Rahma upon you. May you be amongst those elevated to JANATUL FIRDAWS. Aamin Bi Barakatul Mustapha (SAW).   

Written on Tuesday 31st March 2015