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Tribunal is open to negotiation, says Chairman Ngube

Feb 6, 2012, 3:21 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

This development arose when a plaintiff, Alieu Nyang, was giving his testimony against his former employer (Hotel Management Training and Kololi Beach Hotel) making claims for unfair dismissal, and compensation for damage caused due to breach of contract.

According to the plaintiff, on 28 December 2011, he received a call from the Operations Manager of the defendant to report to the hotel.

“When I went there the following day, I was given a letter,” he narrated. The letter was tendered and admitted as exhibit.

He added that he informed them that he had to explain the situation to the tribunal before he would go back to work.

The plaintiff testified that when he was declared redundant, his position was given to the senior receptionist as duty manager.

However, he told the tribunal he was paid six months’ notice by the defendant.

At that juncture, Chairman Ngube told the tribunal that the tribunal is willing to negotiate. “We want people in employment, not out of it,” he declared.

When the defendant’s representative was asked if the offer for the plaintiff was still open, he replied in the affirmative, saying it was open to the first plaintiff, Alieu Nyang, and Muhamed Hyhara.

Readers would recall that Alieu Nyang and three others slammed the defendant (Hotel Management Training and Kololi Beach Hotel) with a civil suit claiming over D4 million for unfair dismissal, damages for breach of contract, as well as for compensation.

Alieu Nyang’s claim was for D860,300; Muhamed Hydara for D2,003,976, Lamin Jobe for D607,000, and Samba Sedibeh for D873,550.

Hearing was adjourned till 20 February 2012.