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Transport Union imposes ban on Senegalese commercial vehicles

Feb 19, 2020, 1:41 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

The president of The Gambia Transport Union, Omar Ceesay, on Monday announced in a press conference that a ban has been imposed on all Senegalese commercial vehicles from entering The Gambia effective 19 February 2020.

This decision came after so many confrontations with the two countries transport unions to resolve the differences that have been grappling their commercial transportation.

Ceesay says their move was prompted by Senegal’s refusal to respect the ECOWAS protocol; which promotes free movement of goods and people. He also said the Senegalese Transport Union has violated the interstate Transport permit agreement that was signed by the two governments in 2018.

He said the Senegalese transport union is in violation of the Interstate Transport Agreement that was reached by the two governments. He added that the current border crisis amounts to human rights violation.

Ceesay indicated they have for long been engaging their Senegalese colleagues for dialogue so that the border issue could be resolved.

However, it was reported a week back that Senegalese authorities manhandled Star TV’s cameraman at a Senegalese village in Karang for covering the negotiations between the two unions.

The meeting was for the Senegal to allow Gambian buses to enter the city of Dakar, after Senegalese bold step to stop Gambian buses in Senegalese territory.

However, the Senegalese decision came after many Senegalese drivers’ resentment of Gambian buses, saying they have taken their passengers, which reduces their earnings.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that over the past years, Senegalese drivers have been working within Gambian soils without any restrictions.