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Training for Our Future

Jan 28, 2009, 5:17 AM

The work being carried out by Sheikh Abdullah Jah Charitable Foundation (SAJCH), in collaboration with the regional health office in Western Region will prove very valuable in the coming years with the grace of God. The two organizations are running a two-week training course for 50 traditional birth attendants at the Brikama health annex.

Speaking at the opening ceremony yesterday, Professor Dr Omar Jah, president of the foundation, said the aim of the training is to support the efforts of the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare in its attempt to improve the health of all Gambians. He said it also aims to reduce the alarming rate of maternal and newborn mortality in the country.

This is extremely important work and every support should be given to the groups in order to expand it. Our women and children are our future and anything that threatens their lives must be tackled in every way possible. No stone must left unturned in the fight against infant and maternal mortality.

This issue has been addressed by the international community and its importance is underlined by the fact it is addressed in the Millennium Development Goals as one of the key areas.

This is not the first training of this kind to be organised by this group. Professor Omar Jah stated at the launch ceremony that in the years 2007 and 2008 his organization also trained traditional birth attendants and village health workers in Western Region and North Bank. He noted that last year, following a request from RVTH, his organization funded the training of 50 Mid-wives on the use of the partograph and other emergency delivery methods.

He pointed out that since the inception of the foundation in 2004, the foundation was able to conduct 35 mobile medical clinic trips treating patients in rural communities free of charge as well as medical personnel.

He said after traditional birth attendant training, 50 village health workers will also be trained.

He stated that 15,000 people benefited from the services of the medical mobile caravan.

We hail all those involved in this sterling work and look forward to the entire nation reaping the benefits of this training in the coming years.