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Time is Against Us

May 7, 2008, 6:43 AM

In three weeks time, the Gambia senior national team The Scorpions will embark on international matches in preparation for African Cup of Nations and World Cup qualifying rounds. By now we should identify a coach and if possible a test match, before we play our first match against Liberia on June 1st in Monrovia, Liberia.

What is disheartening about Gambian football is that we always wait until the last minute, before engaging in what turns out to be a late preparation football. Nowadays football is not only leisure but big business. In terms of investment we should be very serious about our preparation. Let's leave quarreling; we should work hand in hand, for the interest of the nation. We should learn from our past mistake, which is always late preparations. If we want to make it now, we should appoint a good qualified coach to start training; for the professionals overseas to start booking their tickets so that they arrive in time for preparations. We must have an advance party in Monrovia to monitor conditions especially accommodation, the playing field, and the meal arrangements. We should give the players good incentives such as match bonus; also sponsor a good number of fans to cheer the players, and also to advise the players to exercise patience and discipline as football without patience and discipline, cannot lead to success for the interest of the soccer fans.

Gambia will play against Liberia on Saturday 1st June 2008 in Monrovia, and Friday 6th June 2008 at the Independence Stadium, Bakau, will play against Senegal. Friday 13th June 2008, Gambia will host Algeria, and on Friday 20th June 2008, Algeria will host Gambia.

Friday 5th September 2008 is the return match at the Independence Stadium between Gambia and Liberia.

Friday 10th October 2008 in Dakar is the return leg between The Gambia and Senegal.

Let us pray for success for the Scorpions.

"I wasted time, and now doth time wasted me".

William Shakespeare