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Tigu-B working on solo album

Jan 22, 2010, 12:54 PM

Tijan Jallow, alias Tigu-B, has no time to waste, but busy working on his Solo album. The thirteen-track album would be both in CD and the cassette. He said the cassette comprising a ten-track sound and is expected to be released before the CD.

Speaking in interview with Entertainment recently at The "New One for The Road Bar and Restaurant," Tigu B, who displayed a great fixity of purpose, outlined that his album is currently on the promotion, noting that he'd decided to release it under the name of "Pepper House Crew."

Starting music at a young age, Tijan Jallow's love for music gradually improved over the years, thus joining the "Pepper House Crew" in 1999, and later formed his "Buldorf Records" in the same year.

The three-member crew, according to Tijan, comprising finest and versatile stars, notably Momodou Lamin Fatty alias Star C, the late Pa Modou Jammeh, known by his music sobriquet MJ and Sheikh Tijan. Tigu B between 1995 to 2003 took the music industry by storm, which led to release of its much-acclaimed album "Break Out."

"Presently I am the only one who is running the affairs of Buldorf Records as well as Pepper House in The Gambia," he said.

With the coming of the Copy Right Law now in the country, Tigu B said this would pave the way for the country's rapid progress in the area of entertainment. He therefore called on the authorities to enforce the "Copy Right Law" to the letter, so as to help artists in the country.