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Three Nigerian Fraudsters To Know Their Fate Soon

Jun 3, 2009, 7:23 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Three Nigerians who are standing trial for alleged fraud are expected to know their fate come Wednesday 10th June 2009.

Acting Principal Magistrate Sainabou Wadda-Ceesay is set to deliver judgement in favour of the prosecution against the accused persons.

Moeketsi Debrshe, Alie Kargbo and Heington Benson Tambo, have pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud charges levelled against them.

Count one states that "the accused persons in the month of September 2008, jointly conspired to illegally dispose 667 fake Euros, in 100 denomination in traveller's cheque, knowing same to be false with intent to commit felony therein".

On Count two, the accused are alleged that on 3rd and 7th of September 2008, sold 5, 200; 3, 300; 9, 000; 1000; 1000; 447; 1, 500; 77; and 108 Euros, respectively, in traveller's cheques to the Standard Chartered Bank (Serekunda Branch) Trust Bank (Kololi Branch) and Palm Beach Hotel, respectively, knowing the same to be false.

Count three indicates that Moeketsi Debeshe on 3rd September 2008, at Standard Chartered Bank (Serekunda Branch) and Trust Bank (Kololi Branch), with intent to defraud presented 5, 200 and 3, 300 Euros in traveller's cheques, knowing that they were false and obtained D158, 269.80 and D98, 330 respectively, which in fact was false.

On Count four, Alie Kargbo on 7th September 2008, at the Palm Beach Hotel, with intent to defraud presented 1, 500 Euros in traveller's cheques, knowing that they were false and obtained D20, 000, which in fact such representation was false.


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