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Theft From the State is theft From us All

Aug 13, 2008, 5:08 AM

How disappointing to read of the antics of Manlafi Sanyang. All too often now it seems people in positions of trust are abusing that trust for their own selfish gain. There are many people living in The Gambia who would dearly love a highly prized government job and all the security that comes with it but they simply do not have the option. In many cases there may be well qualified and perfectly trustworthy individuals out there who deserve the job more than those who abuse their power but that's life and we must accept it. What we must not accept is corruption of any kind, at any level of government or the public service. These people are in their positions to serve the public and not their own selfish interests. Recent indicators from President Jammeh seem to suggest that he will no longer tolerate abuse and corruption of this kind. Let us hope that the problem has not become endemic in the system as if it has then it will be very difficult to weed out. Many people try to explain away theft from the public coffers as simply people who are trying to survive, like everybody else, topping up their meagre salaries from a flowing bowl of public money. What they are in fact doing is robbing their friends, family, neighbours and the taxpayer of funds that could be used to improve the lives of all Gambians. There is no such thing as a victimless crime. We must all work together in our workplaces and homes to ensure that anyone engaged in corrupt practice is found out and dealt with accordingly. This policy must be implemented to the very highest level of government so that everyone is aware that no matter who you are in The Gambia you are not above the law when it comes to corrupt practice. Cases like that of Manlafi Sanyang serve as a good example to those who may consider engaging in such practices, don't do it.

"Our object in the establishment of the state is the happiness of the whole, and not that of any one class."