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The significance and relevance of the miracles of Jesus (Part 2)

Sep 14, 2011, 2:22 PM | Article By: FR. EDU GOMEZ - Parish of the Resurrection, Brikama

In our world today, the miracles of Jesus are of great significance and relevance. For the Christian as I did mention from the first part of this article, the miracles of Jesus inspire the believer to faith in God and to the glory of His Kingdom. Once the Christian believer reads or hears about the miracles, he or she is strengthened in faith and also made to attest to the scriptures.

In Acts 3:6-10, the apostle Peter healed a lame man whom he encountered at the gate of the temple. Peter had to call on the name of the Lord Jesus for the miracle to happen.  He said to the lame man, “I have no money at all but I give you what I have: in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I order you to get up and walk” Acts 3:6.

Peter did not work this miracle in his own name or by his power but in the name of the Lord Jesus. So the name of Jesus has power and is also powerful to be invoked for a miracle to happen.  This worked for Peter because he had faith in Jesus and in all the miracles he witnessed. If Peter had no faith in Jesus Christ then he would not have healed the lame man in the name of Jesus.

Christians believe in the name of Jesus and the power it entails to bring about miraculous works. Even today like Peter there are Christians who invoke the powerful name of Jesus and miracles do come about. This is done purely out of faith in the name of Jesus. Many renowned saints of the Church that we know about had lived, believed and called on the name of Jesus Christ for miracles to happen and this was possible. This is the reason why we call on them for their intercession and mediation in prayer.

Form the foregoing, when we observe what some Christians express regarding miracles or miracles done in the name of Jesus, there arise many questions to be raised.  Many Christians today move from one Church to another in search of miracles to solve their problems. In other instances you hear of ministers or pastors advertising about miracles which people should come and look for as if they are commercial commodities in their Churches.

The kind of faith expressed in such circumstances is one of seeing and then believing. Thus Christians of these kinds adhere to the English adage, “seeing is believing”. They failed to realize the Biblical teaching of Jesus, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed”.  Jn. 20:29.

This is a pity because if Christians of this type are today in one church, they will abandone it for another if they do not get what they want. These kinds of Christians are always on the move like pilgrims or visitors in every church they go. They are like what the English expression states, “rolling stones gather no must”. They only go to churches not to worship God in Jesus but to seek their interests or supposed miracle which they long to see happen. Like rolling stones which do not gather must, they do not also have true faith and a matured faith as well. Such Christians do not belong to a Church for the sake of worship. A friend of mine once said to me that these kinds of Christians move from one Church to another like shoppers move from one supermarket to another seeking for consumer goods or food provisions. They are never satisfied with one shop or supermarket but keep going from one to another.

This fact is always with us and personally in my opinion, Christians of this kind are either confused or need some assistance which is spiritual or they may need biblical counseling.  If they are looking for miracles they should be constant and regular in one church and pray with trust in God and in Jesus Christ who will answer at his best and opportune blessed time.

Secondly they will need biblical counseling which means that they should be led through the Bible to know the meaning and purposes for which Jesus worked miracles. Jesus worked miracles not to show his power but to lead those that he healed to come to see the glory of God and bring them to be part of the kingdom of God. Jesus in raising Lazarus to life affirmed this, “The final result of this illness will not be the death of Lazarus; this has happened in order to bring glory to God, and it will be the means by which the son of God will receive glory”. Jn. 11:4.

Thirdly and in conclusion, the miracles of Jesus Christ are of him coming about by the power of God Almighty. If anyone does not place God first through faith, they will not work. The miracles of Jesus cannot be solely worked because of powers that come from a man, minister or pastor. The one seeking the miracle should be in a state of grace, i.e. living in purity not being indebted to anyone, not living in sinfulness and not using evil means to seek for miracles he or she wants. God in Christ Jesus is pure and should be approached in purity.