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The role of husband to his wife and children

Dec 15, 2014, 11:05 AM | Article By: Alieu Jobe

The role of a husband to his wife and children should be based on mutual understanding.

A husband should be very caring, loving and loyal to his family, which is an obligation to every husband and should be respected.

As a husband, you are expected to always make your family to be a very happy one, by putting in place a conducive environment for them to settle in, and also create an environment free of fear by making them feel free to express themselves at all times.

Allowing your family to express their feelings will enhance their self-esteem and confidence, and help them to feel very comfortable with themselves.

You should always try to create time for your wife and children, by making sure you spend some quality time with them to enable them feel secured and loved.

Having a family is the most wonderful gift a man can ever have, and it is a gift that should be cherished and taken in good faith, because there are others that are also praying to have families, but due to some circumstances, they are unable to.

Create time for your children by playing around with them sometimes; they really need that as kids, and sometimes asked them to discuss about the events they’ve been engaged in at school during the day. Then you will learn a lot from them, because they will tell you a lot about some of the things they do at school, their difficulties at the school, and other issues affecting them.

If you abandon your children, it means you are depriving them of their fundamental rights as children; because they also have rights that should be respected at all cost.

You can even help them to do some of the things they normally do by themselves. For example, help them to take shower and put on their clothes. That way they will feel happy and delighted, and know that they have a very responsible father who is always around.

Always try your best to be the most wonderful father and husband to your family.