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The Road to Ruin?

Aug 22, 2008, 8:08 AM

It is veritable that our roads are indeed in a bad condition and need to be improved. Access to a proper road network, has now become a major concern in all corners of our society, especially in current times as the rainy season intensifies. It has also become a topical issue in all corners of the country.

Concerns have been raised by the general public regarding the poor state of roads not only within the Greater Banjul Area but also some parts of the rural areas. There is no denying that this is making life extremely difficult for many and we are saying something should be done to address what many describe as an unfortunate situation.

Recently one Alan Walkley, a British citizen residing in Jambur, in Kombo South, Western Region, expounded that the main road between Jambur and Farato is so terrible that the village is virtually cut off from the rest of the country. "There are too many holes and too much water. During the last rainy season, we had two commercial vehicles running in the village but this year, we have none due to the poor conditions of roads," he said. Of course this is a very sad situation. And we are in harmony with Sheriff Ceesay, also a resident of Jambur who stated, "that government through the area councils should act now before things get worse."

They indicated that women of the village who go to the market every day have to walk several miles as the children also do when going to school. People going to work have to walk in the rain and through deep waters and mud and even worse. What a pitiable, unfortunate situation.

We reiterate that every effort should be employed in putting our roads in good state with all possible haste.