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The road conditions in Wuli and Sandu

Mar 28, 2011, 1:14 PM

It is a fact that the road conditions in the Wuli and Sandu districts in the Upper River Region are deplorable.

The poor state of roads in the Upper River Region, in particular in Wuli East, Wuli West and Sandu, is now becoming a cause for concern.

Just before he died, the late Hon. Bekai Camara of Wuli East, in his contribution to the debate on the 2011 draft budget estimates, called on the Ministry of Works, Construction and Infrastructure and the National Roads Authority to consider some of the roads in rural Gambia.

According to him, the roads in Wuli West, Wuli East and Sandu are in a terrible condition, which caused many businesses to cease operation there for almost a month, during the rainy season. This is the fact in this part of rural Gambia, and thus needs a facelift.

While many roads in the country have been constructed to first class roads, those in that part of rural Gambia are yet to enjoy such a quality road network.

We are convinced that if some of these roads are not fixed before the next rainy season, the movement of vehicles would be halted in some parts.

We assume that if constructing the entire roads over there may be too expensive, then filling the potholes should not be too difficult a thing for the National Roads Authority.

One of our reporters, who recently returned from upcountry, said a lot of people in the provinces are contemplating buying motorbikes, since they are not sure whether vehicles will ply the roads come rainy season. 

Our worry is that how many of these poor rural Gambians can afford to buy a motorcycle, even at family level.

Since a good road network boosts economic growth, we therefore urge the government to consider the Wuli and Sandu roads and many other roads in rural Gambia.