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The pressures of life

Aug 5, 2011, 2:20 PM

Pressure! This is a word that I can guarantee is uttered quite a few times in my presence ever so often. I am guilty of saying it too. Can you say the same? And it is usually for a variety of diverse reasons ranging from financial constraints to relationship (formal, informal or romantic). Everyday, we the inhabitants of this world face different challenges that we either overcome or in less fortunate cases, succumb to. And the force of such can have a downwards pull, hence the popular term pressure.

Peer pressure is more frequent and noticeable among minors (eighteen and under) especially in the adolescent phase when young individuals are in the process of defining themselves and finding their own unique identity. Often cases today, the most pressing thing for such youths is to ‘fit in’. By this I mean subscribing to the ‘right’ identity as defined by the trend setters. This is a vicious and revolving cycle with those not willing or unable to fit in being labeled misfits and seen as outcasts.

Such is why peer pressure is really crucial because young impressionable individual can be made to indulge in practices that are illegal, immoral or unhealthy and inevitably damaging. These include and are not limited to dabbling in drugs, drinking, smoking, stealing or bullying (including cyber).teenage pressure,

Relationship Pressure is one that almost everyone can relate to in one respect or another. Often times, one partner expects the other to engage in an act that they are not necessarily comfortable with or to fully commit. This can lie heavily on the party being pressured.

The burden of financial obligations is by far the most common. With various statistics showing that the average person in a developing or underdeveloped nation is living below the acceptable standard of living. is it any wonder that we all have ‘money’ issues. With obligations to meet or exceed and with nothing or barely enough to cover it and in some cases the push by dependants to deliver, pressure is inevitable.

Yet there is another setting in which the pressure is purely self inflicted. This is when an individual decides to live outside their means most likely to give a false impression of excess which takes a lot of effort and possibly debt to maintain. The only blame outlet is the same medium that carried out the act, self.

In the ever evolving world and growing markets, knowledge is a necessity. Yet even with that, everything does not just fall into place. Developing and maintaining a career in a chosen field usually takes a lot of work especially in the recent economic downturn where jobs are being slashed and soo many more people are seen to be striving for a position as opposed to previous times of marginal prosperity. The pressure to in some case find a job and in orders keep it and in yet other circumstances, excel at it and rise to the top is truly one that takes certain qualities and certain people to quell or manage.

Health is said to be the best thing an individual can boast of, good health that is. Poor health however is something that plagues an astonishingly sad percentage of us with the conditions varying in type and severity. One such condition is Pressure (blood usually). This ailment with if severe can be terminal and usually associate with other illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease is serious. It is brought on by various reasons not limited to unhealthy eating.

The list is not limited to the fore-mentioned. So it seems that ‘pressure’ is something that we find in every aspect of live really. Perhaps it has to be present to give a sense of urgency and the key is to manage it and never cave under its usually crushing weight. If it’s self inflicted, then step back, take a good look and re-evaluate. Alternatively, it if is due to factors beyond one’s immediate control, have at this. Be steadfast in the right beliefs, refuse to be molded into the ‘acceptable fit’, and discipline yourself in the art of self control. “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge”.

So why give pressure the power to pull you down. I challenge you today to not simply be optimistic about the aspects of your live that have dampened you in the past but have faith that you’ve overcome. I believe you have.