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The President’s point is vital

May 20, 2013, 8:50 AM

President Yahya Jammeh highlighted a very vital point at the weekend in Kanilai while addressing the 2013 Mansabengo (meeting of chiefs).

The president said traditional rulers would be the very people eroding their own power base if they involve in issues such as nepotism and corruption.

We decided to elaborate on this salient point simply because the issue is as important as building the nation, and for it to be raised by the President makes it pertinent the more.

The cautionary remark could also serve as a warning to chiefs and governors that the President is actually casting an eye on them.

Taking clue from the president’s comment, how would a governor, chief or Alkalo, for instance, be seen by his or her people if he or she is found to be corrupt and his judgments or decisions are always seen to be characterised by biasness.

Such people are not therefore worth being entrusted with such important positions in a genuine democratic society.

The office of a chief or governor, for example, is very important, that anyone entrusted with such an office should be noble.

Our position is that we would expose any chief or governor found to be wanting in the execution of his or her duty at all cost.

It is our belief that traditional rulers should be God-fearing people who should rule their people fairly and not serve as Mansas (kings) in their own rights.

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