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The Point’s Cassa Taal retires

May 26, 2016, 1:54 PM | Article By: Adam Jobe

Musa Cassa Taal, one of the most experienced and longest-serving employees of The Point newspaper, Monday retired, after serving the institution for decades.

Mr Taal was described by his colleagues as a very determined and committed partner during his tenure with the company.

According Mr Philip Kotey, the General Manager of the newspaper, Taal had served The Point for a very long time, since the days when it was difficult, and has stayed up to his retirement.

He said he does not see a retired person as a tired person or someone leaving the country for good, and that they would continue to tap on Taal’s experience whenever the need arises.

He added that The Point is more than willing to support Taal anytime he knocks on their doors.

“You are gone, but you are still with us,” he said.

Pap Saine, The Point’s co-publisher, said that he and the retired Taal are inseparable.

His relationship with Taal was not only at The Point but has included his commitment in sports reporting, where they both met.

He also described Taal as a man of great ambition and hardworking, and a role model.

“We would like to thank you sincerely. You have contributed a lot; you have even trained some staff in the work of journalism,” added Mr Saine.

Taal’s dedication and hard work would make his colleagues remember him for life, Saine went on, and wished him all the best of luck in retirement.

Saul Njie, the marketing manager at The Point, described Taal as “a very active and hardworking man who had served The Point to his best for a very long time.”

“I’m wishing him all the best of luck, and pray that God continues to bless him.”

Mrs Mary Banky-Njie, web manager also said Mr Taal is like a brother to him, and they have had a good relationship as co-workers.

She also wished him all the best, adding that God has kept many good things for him, and described Taal as a kind-hearted man.

Saiba Keita also added that it was a great day for him, in the sense that he had been working with Taal for quite a long time.

“I have learned a lot from him, and I’m wishing him the best and long life. May The Point continue to go from strength to strength to see more retiring veteran staff,” he prayed.

Kumba Willan, an accountant at The Point, also stated that it was a great day; it was an exciting feeling. “Taal served as the imam of the company, and anytime it was time for prayer he would knock on every office door, just to see that everybody is close to his creator,” she recalled.

Nyang Jobe, in her statement, described Taal as a very determined person who respects what he does. Taal was never involved in any confrontation, since she started working with him, she added.

The office’s small mosque is already empty, as with the departure of Taal, they would miss someone who was always willing to see his colleagues keep steadfast in Islam.

Almamy Taal, a brother to Mr Taal, said Taal is a determined man who taught him a lot of things.

He described his elder brother as one of the longest-serving workers at The Point newspaper, and during both hard and good times he still persevered.

Therefore, he said, Taal’s retirement did not come as a surprise, since he worked for it.

He wished him all the best, and prayed for The Point to continue the good work in the area of keeping the public informed, and prayed for the company’s prosperity.

Casa Taal himself, in response thanked The Point proprietors and management for all they have done for him, and prayed that the newspaper company continues to excel to higher heights.

“I’m overwhelmed right now; I therefore pray for everyone and forgive everybody, and in turn I’m asking for forgiveness from everybody, as I’m retiring today.”

The occasion was moderated by The Point’s editor-in-chief Osman Kargbo.