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Jul 25, 2012, 2:06 PM | Article By: FR. EDU GOMEZ - Parish of the Resurrection, Brikama

Prophecy and the call of God to His Prophets has long been in existence in human history.  When one looks into the Scriptures or the Bible every moment, generation and time God has been calling men and women for the sole purpose of bringing His Word and Message to humankind.  From Abraham of the Old Testament to Paul of the New Testament, God had made His prophets his mouthpiece and empowered them with His spirit and grace.

Prophets by definition are people who run the errands of God Almighty.  They could simply be termed as people or human agents who dispense God’s word and message.  They speak for and behalf of God and so this is the reason why they are called to be prophets.

By their calling, God made a choice of them not because of anything special but mere choice.  This is explicit of Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel.  These by virtue of their calling heard God making a choice of them so that they can render the service of God to his people.  When God called Abraham (Gen. 12: 1-5) he made a choice of him to go and establish a new people that will be his people who will worship him as the one true God.  This was relevant because the faith in one God (monotheism) was rare.  For Moses God also chose him to go and liberate his people from the bondage of Pharaoh and the Egyptian people.  The people needed to be free to go and worship and live for their God in freedom.

The other known prophets such as Isaiah, Ezekiel or Jeremiah, commonly called the major prophets, bore a similar calling of drawing the attention of the established people of God, the people of Israel to return to the ways of God.  The people failed observing the commandments God gave them and were involved in idol worship and injustice of man to man.

The prophets of God were steadfast in their tasks because they did not want to fail God and God had also empowered them by assuring them of his guidance and protection (Jer. 1: 17-19).  The prophets having God on their side meant they will live up to what God wants them to do.  With such a mind, they opted to live a life of standard and a life that bears witness to the task they are engaged in.

The prophet Amos of the Old Testament was a prophet of the justice of God.  He was one of the prophets called by God to mediate his justice among the people of Israel.  To the rich he scorns them for their exploitation of the poor.  To the poor he assures them of God’s justice where they would no longer be treated unjustly but they would be given what should be their due.  Amos in his word to the people lived justly too.  This showed the integral nature of his work and life.  What he preached he made sure he lived it out.

Prophecy today exists in God’s Church on earth.  It is a mark of identity for the Church because the Church stands out to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to all peoples.  As in the great commission of Jesus Christ, it is stated, “Go therefore make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the end of time.” (Mat. 28: 19-20)

The great commission of Jesus is both a matter of urgency, task and empowerment.  Christ Jesus gave the command, “GO” meaning that there is nothing to wait for.  It is as if in the army where soldiers are sent on mission they meant to go without wasting time.  The Church therefore has to be on mission at all times.

The Church in as much is on task or mission, it has been empowered by Jesus Christ with the assurance of being with it.  Jesus never leaves his Church untended.  Today therefore, the Church should take its role of Prophecy and carry it with integrity living out what is preached.