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The GCCI trade fair

Feb 6, 2013, 9:28 AM

The 6th biennial edition of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) trade fair promises to be yet an unforgettable event, with a good number of companies from Asia, Europe and Africa taking part in the two-week fair, which began on 2nd February.

In a way, we can rightly say that The Gambia will be playing host to the world for two good weeks of buying and selling, interaction and exploration by Gambians and their visitors alike.

Under the theme: “More Business Opportunities, More Jobs”, it is expected that the annual trade fairs would give business operators the opportunity to not only showcase their products, but also learn and access new technologies that could boost production, reduce wastage of resources, save time and improve output.

As usual, all participants, according to information gathered will expose their products, show what they can deliver, so as to open more markets to enable them to expand their businesses.

Gambian businesses need this exposure, so that they can form strategic partnerships with foreign businesses, which hopefully will result in more and more business opportunities for them.

And with The Gambia being already home to a lot of foreign investments, those foreign participants taking part in the trade fair will not be out of their depth.

Our business people need not be told that the opportunity to build up networks for their business, as provided by the trade fair, is invaluable.

We are quite sure that the GCCI has put all the necessary measures in place for the event, underway at the Independence Stadium in Bakau, the traditional venue for the trade fair.

Of course, the big names in Gambian economy including banks, GSM operators among others are there as they have always been.

The small and medium-size companies should also get themselves there; after all, it is primarily targeted at them.

We have to commend the GCCI for their energy in keeping the trade fair going year after year, despite meager resources.

However, the chamber should be intensifying efforts to get a permanent site for the national trade fair. This might be expensive to build, in the short-run, but far more cost effective in the long run.

We wish all the participants a profitable trade fair!

Making best use of such opportunities will help us sell our businesses”