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OPINION: The Gambia is Crawling

Aug 7, 2017, 12:19 PM

Within a period of Six Months, starting from the month of February when the Barrow administration was inaugurated, to the month of July 2017, a period calculated less than six months, a senior Gambian politician with a very high profile in the person of Hon. Halifa Sallah has said that the Gambia/Government is crawling.

This remark is reported in The Point Newspaper of Monday/Tuesday 1st/2nd of August and it is lifted from a speech made by the Hon. Halifa Sallah member of the Gambia’s National House of Assembly. He made this remark as part of his own contribution in the debate on the president’s communication speech/adjournment debate in the house of assembly.

This remark, long awaited, cannot go unnoticed and it deserves to be widely reported in the entire Dailies and all politicians, whatever part of the aisle he may be and all who wish this country well understand that the word crawling in this context is not a negation but praise for these laudable achievements within six months. This is an acknowledgement of the Barrow’s government tireless effort to make this country crawl within this short period of time.

This remark is a commendation and a praise coming at a time when the new government in the new Gambia despite all odds is nonetheless making all efforts to settle down. Therefore no one should be in any doubt that in the next few months, we will all not only see this country up and running but it will be flying, hovering in the sky.

Hon. Halifa Sallah will be pleased to know that his sympathizer’s supporters and all doubting-Thomas’s are all praising him for this objective remark, backed by a different person, from a different place, from a different walk of life. That person is the Gambian born high profile historian, who left the Gambia only a few days ago after a short visit. This person is professor Baba Galleh Jallow. He in The Point Newspaper on the 3rd August 2017 is reported to have said {the Gambia is on the move}. This tallies very well with the views of Hon. Halifa Sallah. Another incontrovertible event that The Gambia is crawling/moving comes from Halifa Sallah’s own neighboring constituency; that is Latrikunda Sabiji. The member for that constituency Hon. Saikou Marong is quoted in The Point Newspaper of Friday 4th August that {lots of developing projects promised during the campaign}. He said he was now able to fulfill the promises. One such promise he made to women vendors at Latrikunda market was to construct a modern safety tank for them at the market. The work on that tank cost about D120,000.00. (Thump up for Hon. Saikou Marong).

Another pointer to the evidence that the Gambia is on the move is the report in the same-self Point newspaper of page 5 of the 4th of August. M/S Jean Lambert of the European Parliament said that the “EU sees the Gambia as an important partner”. This we may add is no mean achievement on the part of the Barrow Government.

There are other activities. These pinpointing the crawl/moves of the government in having good relationship with many people, many organizations, and many countries all over the world.

Hon. Halifa Sallah and Professor Baba Galleh are both right and correct in their observations of the situation in this country.

We wish that many more people, even those in their cells and unwilling to come out will do so in good faith and stop being shy and come out and emulate these two Gambian gentlemen.

Author: Alhagi Ba Tarawale Tel: No 7278341, Researcher/Journalist, Literacy House, Latrikunda Yiringanyaa