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Feb 21, 2017, 10:24 AM

From the Eastern horizon of our home-land

There emerges a new SUN over our blessed land

To mark the birth of a new era

That will raise sky high our name forever

On the 1st December, 2016 the Gambian had decided

Though differ in options yet never divided

That Old order must give way to the New

For the old order, expired, cannot be renewed

At last a new page has been turned in our history

For the old page is stained with injustice and misery

But thanks to patience, faith and maturity

Gambians have proven they are owners of sovereignty

The wind of change is sweeping through the land

That no reactionary forces could long withstand

Its course is steadfast, irreversible

Its strength intense, irresistible

Gone are the days when a leader would amass gold

While his people, jobless, lie in the cold

Gone are the days when a leader would swim in luxury

And leave his people to drown in poverty

Gone are the days when leaders were arrogant

Would call the farmers lazy and ignorant

Who would take their lands in exchange for inactivity

And reduce some of them to endless mendicity

How many Imams, religious leaders and preachers

Were arrested, detained and made prisoners

They were neither agitators nor disguised crooks

But true adherents of the Holy Book

Some have taken the road to self-exile

For they are men of strong faith, not Docile

Quietly, they quit a system where the good are criminalized

And the wicked praised and idolized

The 3rd Republic is the product of a nationwide call

That united we stand, divided we fall

In struggle against injustice and tyranny

And break shackles of a new slavery

The 3rd Republic has many issues to address

Among them, freedom of the Press

For how many journalists were intimidated and suppressed

To silence the voice of truth and progress

How many journalists were charged with dubious crimes

Some with sabotage others with economic crimes

Some were dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night

Others were picked up in broad day light

The 3rd republic must prioritise Agriculture

The most solid basis of our future

For there is nothing like self-sufficiency in food

So let us be the producers of our livelihood

Let’s pay tribute to leaders of the old days

Who for us worked daily to pave the way

To our renowned leader, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara

First President of the Republic of The Gambia

To eloquent I.M Garba Jahumpa and P.S Njai

To outspoken M.B Jones and Reverend J.C Faye

To Edward Francis Small the great Pan Africanist

To M.E Jallow the dynamic trade unionist

To all those who were planners of Nationhood

Who had worked selflessly for the Common Good

May their names impress fadeless memories

On the Gambia Political history

Forward forever, Backward never

The journey is long, so no back track forever

Our hearts filled with faith, as we move in unison

Our eyes well focused on the bright horizon

We abhor a leader who believed it was his moral mission

To cleanse his country of Witches and Demons

Who would import witch-doctors with strange incantations

To accuse innocent people and covered them with humiliation

But witches and demons, as we were told

Are part of our society, be it the present or the old

This multitude of beings, visible but mostly invisible

To drive them out of our midst could be a Mission Impossible

We call on all patriotic Gambians wherever they are

In the homeland or the diaspora

That the 3rd Republic is about to set sail

That no reactionary force could derail

We call upon all to come onboard

For here no one will be thrown overboard

And to bring along their own contributions

Toward the vast project of National Reconstruction

For the Gambia our Homeland

We strive and work and pray

We pledge our firm allegiance

Our promise we each day renew

Bless us forever God – The Almighty

With Peace, Progress and Prosperity

El-Malick Faal