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The Gambia Football Association clarifies issues with Hawks

Jul 1, 2011, 12:28 PM

The Gambia Football Association (GFA) has issued a clarification letter acknowledging receipt of a letter sent to it by Hawks, one of the leading Gambian national clubs.

Here following is the letter:

We acknowledge receipt of your undated letter on the above-captioned matter with dismay. 

We need not remind you that Hawks FC is a bona fide member of The Gambia Football Association and should enjoy the benefits of membership one of which is access to information from the Secretariat. Thus, it is really disgusting to read letters from Hawks FC and copied to the media without first exhausting the communication links between Hawks and the Secretariat for clarification.

Whatever, we stand to defend the interest of our National Association and our dear game and will never let “pundits” derail the very sound objectives that we so much cherish.

Please note that a parliamentary question was posed to The GFA through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) on how much money is paid out as prices for the leagues. We answered this question by giving the sum total of these prices to the MOYS, which was explained by the Hon. Minister in the National Assembly.

It was then wrongly reported in some Newspapers as if the Ministry had paid out these sums to deserving clubs. The GFA has never mentioned that some clubs have been paid. In fact, some of these prices have not yet been paid either for lack of sponsorship or non-receipt of sponsorship funds. Under such circumstances, The GFA is always over-stretched financially though we labour to settle these at very convenient times. We want to make it absolutely clear that The GFA funds these prices in instances where there are no sponsors and not the Ministry of Youth and Sports.