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The brain drain issue in Africa

Aug 30, 2012, 9:49 AM

A good number of trained and skillful personnel in Africa have left their countries in search of greener pastures abroad.


The issue of brain drain is costing Africa, and The Gambia inclusive, huge sums of money, invested in human resource development over several decades.


Our trained experts and professionals keep on leaving their homelands annually in their large numbers.


Some of these experts were trained by the governments of their respective countries, but only to end up serving other countries.


While many continents may be affected by the brain drain, Africa is noted to be particularly hard-hit.


Many analysts believe the running away of teachers, health workers, scientists, and other experts hinder the continent’s development.


Most of these people emigrate, and choose to live abroad as a result of lack of opportunities, political instability, economic depression, health risks, and lack of respect for human rights in their home countries.


They move to developed countries in search of greener pastures, political stability and freedom, a developed economy which provides better living conditions, among others.


Even though some people may argue that the investments made on these experts, who leave their countries, is somehow paid back through remittances, the issue is still subject to a big debate.


To remedy the situation, which to us is a crisis affecting the entire continent, there is need for African governments to do something serious, and motivate to encourage these experts and skillful people to stay at home, and serve their people who direly need them.


Measures such as providing good pay for certain professions, and respecting the rights of citizens would, no doubt, help in addressing the issue.

“Take time to gather up the past so that you will be able to draw from your experience and invest them in the future.”


Jim Rohn