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Ten Day Quranic Recitation Course Held

Jan 9, 2009, 4:58 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

A ten-day Quranic recitation course is underway at the World Islamic Call society's office at Kololi. The course is sponsored by the World Islamic Call Society to facilitate easy access to the Quran and to share simple understanding of how to read and memorise the Quran.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, a member of the founding fathers of the organisation and ex-president of Supreme Islamic council Alhagie Ahmed Banding Drammeh expressed the need and concern for a proper Quranic recitation. "As Muslims for us to succeed in this world, all is found in the Quran. It is the undoubted reference of the Muslims," he said.

Ahmed Drammeh also talked about the invention of the World Islamic Call Society adding that it was proposed and founded by the great son of Africa his excellency the President of Libya Colonel Muama AL-Ghadafi to support Muslims and non-Muslims in all sorts of conditions since in 1971.

The president of the Supreme Islamic Council, Imam Muhammed Lamin Touray, said that to maintain the ethics and standards of the Quran is compulsory on all Muslims. Therefore, providing access on how to recite it correctly is of paramount importance.

"To know what is good and forbidden in Islam you must follow the Quran and in fact no form of worship is accepted in Islam without the Quran as it is the holy book of the Muslim and the main source of law in Islam," said Imam Touray.

Sheikh Omar is the secretary general of Arabic Islamic Education in The Gambia. He said teaching the Quran is a noble course as it is a path towards Allah the sustainer and creator of the universe. He called on people to support and help the Quranic scholars and their students, as they are the replacements in this world.

WICS delegate from Libya Mr. Ali Muhammed Ali Alfriki called on people to learn the Quran as many inventors of today got their sources from the Quran. He said there is nothing to lose in learning the Quran. He thanked Gambians for their hospitality.

Speaking earlier the secretary general of the World Islamic Called society in The Gambia, Mr. Aliwee Fatty, assured the participants that WICS will do all it could to facilitate easy access to Quranic education.

"We believe that Islam can only be supreme on earth through the teachings of the Quran," he concluded.