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Technical Director delighted at US partnership

Mar 5, 2010, 1:06 PM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

Abdoulie Bojang, the Technical Director of the newly launched Soccer Club (The Gambia Rush Soccer club), who was speaking to reporters in an interview during the launch of the Gambia Rush Soccer Club in Cape Point over the weekend was extremely delighted at the establishment of a partnership with the US Soccer Club in (Colorado).

It could be recalled that the President of the US Rush Soccer Club Tim Schulz was in Banjul to officially launch the Gambia Rush Soccer Club whose aim is to expose Gambian talents to a better standard.

Abdoulie Bojang, who was appointed to take charge of the Bakau giant killers Steve Biko five years ago was delighted to see the Gambia Rush Soccer Club and their American counterparts established what promises to be a formidable partnership between the two parties. This wonderful partnership as Pointsport gathered came into reality, thanks to the efforts and initiative of Tim Schulkz the CEO of US Rush Soccer Club in (Colorado), the CEO, Gambia Rush Soccer Club and the Treasurer of the GFA Kemo Ceesay, as well as Omar Ceesay a Gambian-based in USA.

Lie as he is widely called remains hopeful of a successful partnership with their US counterparts, according to the CEO, Gambia Rush Soccer Club Kemo Ceesay, who has also played a pivotal role in ensuring that the partnership was well established.

Kemo who spoke to this reporter a few days ago told Pointsport that the US Rush Soccer Club has already established links with a few other African countries and also established links with 23 states in the US.

The former Gambia national U-17 players, such as Abdoulie Jatta, Seedy Bah, Famara Bojang and Babucarr Jammeh, who are all enjoying the initiative are currently with the US Soccer Club. There is a possibility that they would soon sign a contract with the club probably in October, if the words of CEO US Rush Soccer Club Tim Schulkz are anything to go by.

This is expected to avail many more players from the Gambia Rush Soccer Club the unique opportunity to break their ways into American football.