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Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-tourism Camp, new paradise found

Oct 4, 2013, 10:18 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

The camp, a community-owned edifice, is the product of hard work and a long process of sustainable forest management that brings together over 350 bird species and countless wildlife in an area, totally serene and viable for any holidaymakers.

The Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-tourism Camp, located in the TDA and the only eco-tourism camp in the country with a beach, is co-owned by the communities of Brufut, Tanji and Madiana.

Speaking in an interview with Point Entertainment and Lifestyle on Monday, Haddy Jow, General Manager of the Camp, said they are well prepared to do the expected surprise by offering the most palatable and hospitable environment.

Haddy Jow said one of the surprises the eco-tourism camp is offering to holidaymakers this year is the Dawn Chorus (bird and breakfast), adding that this is a trip to that unspotted island for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

GM Jow added that the Bijoul Island is considered to be a paradise for over 350 different species of birds and breeding place for endangered turtles.

“The early morning trip takes you to the Brufut fish landing site where you will embark on a slow cruise to Bijoul Island, as the sun rises and the natural world awakes to the fabulous dawn chorus,” she explained.

Concluding, the general manager said: “I can be reached via email ecocamptanjibirdreserve@yahoo.com or through facebook Tanjibirdreserve-ecocamp.com.”