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Taiwan’s intervention in Gambia essential

Aug 25, 2011, 2:26 PM

The coming of another Taiwanese medical team to offer free medical services to Gambian communities is indeed a good humanitarian gesture.

With this and many others, Taiwan has become a reliable and dependable partner to The Gambia.

Having these medical doctors and nurses in the country to offer free treatment is most welcome development.

The presence of the medical team would not be a surprise to many, because The Gambia is one of the best friends of Taiwan and the two countries have been working in all sectors of development over the years.

This assistance made by the medical doctors of Taiwan will go a long way in the history of this country.

It is indeed another morale booster to the health sector.

We have to understand that help does not only mean that giving somebody both material and financial support is enough to go by, but the morale aspect is also equally important too.

The good thing about the Gambia-Taiwan relationship is that the human resource base of the country is really improving, since many Gambian have studied in Taiwanese universities, and some are still pursuing their education in Taiwan in different areas of studies.

This at the end of the day would greatly help us as a country.

In fact, just yesterday some 40 more Gambian youths were offered Taiwan scholarships to study at various universities in Taiwan.

We encourage the beneficiaries to make the best use of the opportunity given to them, and come back to help boost the country’s development.

Building the country’s human resource base is essential, and an area the ROC is helping The Gambia in.

The relationship between the two countries is based on mutual trust and understanding, and is really making a big impact on the side of the peoples of the two countries.

We would also like to commend the Taiwanese embassy in The Gambia for strengthening the relations between the two countries.