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Taiwan sponsored road rehabilitation project

Jan 21, 2010, 3:15 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The importance of a good, well-maintained road network helps economic development of any country, and its gains cannot be over-emphasised, as good road networks, among others, ease the movement of people and goods.

Cognizant of this, and in line with the government's desire to connect the entire country with first class roads, the road linking Banjul and Serrekunda is also under major rehabilitation.

The 12-kilometer-road, according to observers, have not been rehabilitated for the last twenty years.

This development is generously sponsored by no other than the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

According to project officials, the donor (ROC) has put at their disposal one hundred and fourteen million Dalasis for the successful implementation of the project.

The work is being contracted to CSE, a Senegalese company says Mr.Alan Machray, a Technical Adviser with the National Road Authority (NRA).

In an interview with this paper recently, Alan revealed that works on the site have already begun since in September last year, and is expected to complete between April and May this year.

"As of now, all the cracks in both carried ways have been sealed with special acrostic cement." This, he said, would be followed by application of the single surface dressing and the asteroid concrete surfacing of 40mm. 

He further revealed that the road would also be decorated with white lines to make it safer for users.

Major drainage works would also be carried out to alleviate drainage problem, especially along TK Motors towards Jakaranda area. 

Alan also noted that "the contractor has put in place extensive traffic management plans with a comprehensive signage and flagmen to ensure smooth flow of deviated traffic."

He guaranteed that upon completion the road would serve for another ten to fifteen years.

He added that both roads of the highway will be rehabilitated making it twenty-four kilometers.

"We have taken a very positive environmental approach, thus working extremely high to avoid removal of trees in order to minimise the lost of trees," he said.

The main objective of the project is in line with the President's desire to provide good and safe road networks to the people of The Gambia, said Mr. Momodou Senghore, Manager of Operations and Safety at the NRA.

"In fact, the NRA mission is to develop, maintain and manage the national road network in an efficient and sustainable manner and to ensure safety on the roads," he said.

He applauded the government of Taiwan for complementing government's efforts in its quest to provide first class road networks in the country.

The road which connects Banjul and the country's commercial capital is one of the busiest roads in The Gambia and any effort geared towards ensuring its quality would no doubt boost the movement of people and goods. 

With good road network, our vehicles will no doubt consume less fuel and safe time on the road.