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Tackling official corruption

Jul 15, 2013, 9:19 AM

Corruption in any form, especially official corruption, kills the economy of a nation and forces people into poverty in any country.

Due to the corrupt practice of government officials in particular, many countries in Africa are today paying a huge prize by settling debts purportedly owed by the citizens, but which actually benefitted a few corrupt officials.

They use their position and influence to acquire resources that do not belong to them but to the entire country.

Many a time, their corrupt practices prevent them from doing their work effectively and efficiently.

Corrupt officials take bribes themselves and their families while forcing millions to suffer.

We are very much concern about the level of purported official corruption in Africa.

Resources meant for the entire citizenry must be seen to benefit all and not the few.

Corruption is, no doubt, a serious problem, and unless we address it, we will continue to pay a heavy prize for it as a consequence.

We are, therefore, calling for the full implementation of anti-corruption legislations to clean and rid African societies of greedy and selfish officials.

People must also learn to be contented with their lawful earnings, and to say “No!” to bribery and corruption.

We must all join hands together to stamp out corruption in Africa for our common good.